About "Show Strap"

The 'Show Strap' had been an idea for a number of years after attending many Classic Car shows.

The rare and beautiful cars that were open while on show mostly suffered from the same problem, an unexpected gust of wind. Those gusts of wind or heavy hands can whip open parts of the car to the full extent of the hinges or their stops which can cause damage, not just restricted to those potentially critical components. 

Substantial damage could potentially include: warped panels that could cause incorrect closures, paintwork damage by chipping or cracks, as well as those damaged fittings. A paint job repair along with many hours of work to put right the damage can be costly.

During our research we couldn't find anything purpose made for the jobs we had in mind, so we just had to produce them ourselves. We tried many product prototypes, either the straps were to flimsy, the material tore, too stiff, couldn't be finished properly, difficult to clean, not enough diversity of colours etc. the list just went on and on the more we came up with requirements and researched our products.

We made a prototype that we were happy with and used it on the car. We were asked about the strap and where it came from. We took their details and sold a couple of the early designs.

We believe that we have cracked the final design now, and so 'Show Strap' was born.

We have exciting plans for other ranges to complement our standard 20mm Show Straps. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we listen to all feedback and suggestions to make our product just right for you.

Our straps have evolved encompassing many other purposes; impromptu dog leads, securing items in the boot, securing tables together, or securing a tent when a guy rope broke during bad weather!

Welcome to the Show Strap solution.

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