Flat 20mm width polypropylene strap.


  • We can create a single colour wording for you on our straps.
  • Standard Font option is "CALIBRE" as per the sample.
  • All text will be on a single line 
  • Max height of the Text will be 16mm
  • We will supply you the Large Plastic Open Clip by default. 

    When you "Check Out" there is an additional "Add A Note" section if you wish to change your clip style.

    You can also leave us any additional information within this "Add A Note" section (highlighted in red).



  1. Select the "Colour" of Show Strap
  2. Select the "Length" of your Show Strap
  3. Select the colour of your "Font"
  4. Type EXACTLY the characters you want on the Show Strap
  5. If you were to hold the strap in front of you with the D rings to you left, tell us how many centimeters along the strap from the D rings should the text start. eg: 20cm 60cm 100cm 150cm etc.


Note: the maximum number of characters must be a maximum of 100 characters 

  • We can't be held responsible for checking for the correct spellings.
  • Any changes to the customisation will still require payment and for obvious reasons we can't accept        returns for any errors in your ordering.  


Custom Show Strap Length Options

Selected colour option:
Length of your Show Strap in Meters
Font Colour
  • For this product will supply our "Large Open Style Plastic" clip.

    If you want this to be changed just let us know in the "Add A Note" section at the check out stage. 

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